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Thinking Out Loud – 01

Thinking Out Loud! 

Episode 1

It’s been a roller coaster of emotions in the past 27 days. Filling out the Triple C’s 30 days consistency challenge form, the suspension of the academic strike for the higher institution in Nigeria, the flooding in some areas in Nigeria, writing, preparing for school, being on the edge for so many reasons, and the heat doing the most. 

My name is Favour Kayode, welcome to Thinking Out Loud, a series on no specific topic. You should still expect these series to be based on topics relating to growth, faith, and personal development. 

Thinking Out Loud is a weekly publication written by your truly, I. This series is aimed at giving value, sharing knowledge, entertainment, pleasure, and my thoughts. My thoughts because I am thinking out Loud. 

Enough of the mushy stuff, let’s get to it! My highlights of the outgone week have to be school resumption, showing up for the challenge I am in, and dealing with my journey as a Christian. 

School’s Resumption

This is a good thing, to be honest. I am pleased that the strike has been suspended. I love school and I want to get back to being soaked in books that speak on the wide range of religions that exist and are in extinction. 

This is supposed to be about what I think, yeah? I think that calling off the strike right now is so unfair! Let’s use this analogy, you are in a relationship with this person. 

Then, they wake up one day to tell you, “Oh! I think we need a break from this relationship because external factors affecting this relationship are not so pleasing at the moment.” 

You are left to wonder when this break would be over but then, you trust your ‘partner’, so you leave it all in the hands of trust and faith. 

It’s been a whooping eight months, then your partner returns to tell you, “Oh! My dear, thank you for waiting on me. We are getting back together. Yes, right now.” This is not how it happened exactly and there are analogies better than this but this is what I thought of. 

Yes, I feel like I was dumped in those eight months. Somehow, I got a hang of it, moved on with my life and everything started to gel, then my ‘ex’ called me. Anyway, know that I am not talking about a relationship. 

The funny thing is, I am preparing to return to school and will return soon. 

Showing Up! 

It’s been an amazing time at Triple C! The high moments when I know I did great and the valley seasons when there was no power supply for 48 hours when I had my share of the famous ‘creative blocks’, when I procrastinate, the day I slept off till it was 9:32, and the days I had to struggle with what ideas to develop into the content for the day. 

It’s been a lot but here I am close to the finish line. I do not think I should get a 10 over 10 but I deserve that badge that screams, “Favour is a consistent and unbroken starling!” 

My Christian Journey! 

This week has been a lot spiritually. Starting, I learned about peaceful co-existence and also the family unit as God’s army, here on this side of heaven. 

I learned that those who are God’s people are always few. They are on a narrow path and also tagged as ‘the remnant’. Most often, people tag these days as the ‘end time’ . The days when sin abounds and rebellion, the order of the day but I dare say, “As it was in the beginning, so it is now.” 

Sin is not new, and neither is God unaware of how wicked the heart of men is. This should further not alarm you when people fall into mind-blowing acts. What should comfort you is that you are saved and God is running after all those who are in sin. 

See Romans 10:10 to understand the context of saved as used in the previous paragraph. 

“Do not go near Sodom.” 

Lot was Abraham’s relative and they set out of Ur together, looking to God to lead them to the ‘promised land.’ Somehow, they were in a disagreement on some issue and they had to live apart. Lot was to stay near Sodom 

God abeg. In the past week, I learned that ‘near sodom’ are acts or things that actually are not sinful in themselves but somehow, they lead you to sin. 

In the end, Lot was found in Sodom on the day of destruction when hail stone was falling. Do not go near Sodom brethren, do not. 

In all, I am preparing for school, I am also grateful for Triple C as we draw near to the finish line and above all, God is training each individual, as a member of the family unit to be His representative and near Sodom, is danger calling. 

Follow me, and tap the notification button because you do not want to miss out on episode two of Thinking Out Loud! Share your thoughts in the comments section, after all, we are thinking out loud! 

Have an amazing weekend! 


Love Me, Not like I do love you but in the best way you can.

He said, “Start a blog.” as finishing words but then, i do have a blog so then I decided to go on, continually doing this with utmost sincerity to keep writing and blogging.

Hi there, I have something to tell you, it is more of an experience that taught me love, again.

Here is how it played out.

Just one sunny day, I met this guy, who was passing by and he greeted. I immediately responded without taking a glance at him as I was lost in thought – needless to say what I was thinking about –, staring into space. Few seconds later, I saw some one come close to me.

“Do you not look at people?” (He said this in Pidgin)

I could not recognize him as I did not look at him. “Sir?”

“I was talking to you but you did not look at me?”

“I am sorry.”

The conversation kicked off and ended with him gaining my full attention and I smiled.

Here’s the main reason for this blog post, many a times, we fail to see the need to help others out of their struggle because of our perception about the reason for their attitude. I was moved by the fact that he came back, held a nice conversation with me and the most amazing part, “He did not ask for my number!”


I don’t think I would ever forget what he did. In the end, life would be more easier if we made one another smile with little acts that sow seeds of kindness. One of the reasons, I am pleased to create content with the Reach For The Smiles Charity Content Creation Team.

The Bible tells us to do all things with love in 1 Corinthians 16:14, so this is a soft reminder for you to do things with love and a heart that craves to see a better place.

‘He’ as the opening word is Austin Kleon. I am pleased that Oluwaferanmi shared Steal Like An Artist with me.


Beyond Reasonable Doubt.

Cooking or let’s call it baking – I do not want to use baking as the word to describe what I have been up to since the ‘academic hiatus of Nigerian Tertiary Institution’ popularly known as ‘ASSU strike.’ I’ve been frying, steaming, toasting and definitely baking. I have been cooking more often than I did imagine and as a good cook – I deserve some applause, I honestly do – (Highly Favoured laughs and takes a bow) A lot of flies have decided to become my friends. Well, I don’t like them on what I am doing and it seems like an endless cycle where I cook, flies flock around me -especially on the dough – and I kill them. May their souls rest in peace.

In place of a minute silence, I’ll let them have one paragraph. Most…

That’s their paragraph yeah? Yeah, we’ve honoured the lives of our comrades that have gone through the hard whipping of the broom and some other times, my footwear. Most times, after the sound of the broom or my footwear, I don’t see a body. When I don’t see any, I conclude in my mind that they all escaped, you know like they all flew away, this time not the bird faster than the hunter’s stone but the flies faster than the chef’s broom. Obviously, there is no evidence that any died, so how then do I know for certain that I killed any.

One beautiful morning, I resumed at work and began cleaning my workspace. In the course of sweeping, I swept out dead bodies of flies. I thought about the previous day and how at some point I was certain that these flies were not dying but then, I was killing them and the ‘murder weapon’ which is the broom was somehow, sweeping the bodies under the shelf. I bet that you do not know how certain I was that these flies were not dead but here they were, long gone and dead.

I sat back some other time and got thinking about how sometimes, we are certain about some things but then, they turn out to be the opposite. It drew my heart to the scripture.

“And it is impossible to please God without faith. Anyone who wants to come to him must believe that God exists and that he rewards those who sincerely seek him.”
Hebrews 11:6 NLT

This scripture constantly reminds me that we are called to a life of faith. I love how beautiful it is to be a Christian and this part of faith makes it wild! Loving a God that I cannot see, believing that God in His power came to Earth, believing that I have the life of Christ and all there is to offer! It’s all massive and crazy! I repeat, “CRAZY!”

The flies were just pointers to how much I had forgotten that even though I had no evidence, I should be assured. Faith itself is the assurance of things hoped for and the evidence of things I cannot see – even the bodies of flies. (Laughs) This is the life, I am called to live, a life of faith, that even beyond reasonable doubt, I can be. Beyond what my eyes can see, I can achieve. I am made for more.

A Big Announcement!

I am six months away to another year, (I’m not sure if you do count yours but I do) I was about to go numb with worry a month ago cause I felt like, I should have taken over the world, you know, be a name to look up on Wikipedia and a lot more. Sincerely, I haven’t even gotten halfway yet. I was worried about myself, my future, my dreams, the opportunities awaiting me, I was worried sick and I thought about this for days – I even concluded that my life is beyond my control and I kept living like a robot for days. Here is what it was like: wake up, go out, work, think while working, come home, eat, sleep and repeat the entire process.

You might not exactly have these feelings that I did have, might not be in the same crazy mental state that I was in, a month ago but here is something that I’ve got to tell you.
You are in control. I know that there are somethings that seem out of place, too much to handle but the real truth is, “you are in control of both the past, the present and the future.”

Stay with me.

I guess we have heard too many lies that make it sound like the truth, – for whatever reasons we have also believed them – rather we have listened to a lot of conventional statements that this sounds ‘truths’ but are far fetched from the truth.

Have you ever heard of choice? I know you have. Choice is how you are in control. The decisions you make are instruments to control the past, the present and the future. I made a choice to be happy and it did pay off. I made the decision to be happy and deal with whatever pain had in my heart – Oh! The joy to use the word ‘had’ to describe this pain that hunted me.

In the creation story, God gave man dominion – both male and female – He gave us dominion over all things. This dominion is choice. If we had no free will, would we be any better than robots, now would we? No we would not! We would also not be able to tag ourselves as ‘higher mammals” not that I agree totally with this term but here is what I am placing emphasis upon: You are in control!

This control is simply by making, not just the right choice but the best choices. You can control how you feel, what you say, what the future is, how much you earn, how fufilled you are and whatever it is that is seems out of your control. Oh baby, you are in control to all that surrounds you.

Your Father, My Father, I mean The Heavenly Father – who created all things – created you in His image and likeness. Would He then deny you of the power to birth things into existence. No! He would not.

Journey through with this, that you are in control, you have dominion you are in the position to make things happen. How about you make the best of things happen?

It’s time to make the best choices. Create your own reality. It’s time for the extraordinary!

Just what if…


Just what if…
Just what if it wasn’t meant for you alone? Time after time, I have sat back to reflect on some things I have in abundance that I just cannot exhaust, this does not necessarily pertain to material things could be your emotions or strength. Just anything that you have in abundance. For instance, you just have this natural access to a particular thing and you have that thing in abundance, have you ever sat back to wonder why you have it in abundance?

Your clear cut answer might be that you worked for it but how about it was not for you alone, yeah? How about that? Just what if it wasn’t for you alone? Yes, you have it or you have it in abundance, what if you have it so that others can have it also? Just what if?

Hailey Julia, a famous digital content creator, constantly speaks on how weird it was for her in high school to be so energetic and full of life. However, people thought it was just ‘too much’ but she is currently using that same strength to create hundreds of videos that will put a smile on your face. What if that knowledge you have was not for you alone? What if that faith you have is not for you alone? What if that fire ignited in your heart is a tool to galvanize others or it’s there to serve as a launch pad to take others to greater heights? Just what if you had it so you could channel it to some other person’s be either raw or processed?

It might sound ridiculous to you but I do hope you see, that this is where success lies, in between the bosom of that which you can give to others. You know better than I do that, “If you must lead, you must be constantly ready to serve” cause it is in your service that you will lead others. It is in your giving out that you’ll take in and get back cause it is sowing that you’ll reap harvest. Even in school you were taught that there is a reward for something, either rent, salary or wages and profit. There is always a return, but you know that what returns must have left first.

This is a short read but I certainly hope that you sit back and take some time to ponder on these words. Discovering purpose might not be too far away, you just need to pay attention to quite a number of things.

I love that you are inspired to think just like I always do. Soar!
Favour Kayode.
Tsiyon Writing Plug.

My Pocket of Happiness!

Recently, I had been genuinely asking myself questions about the future and what it holds, not just for me but everyone around me and how I will continually impact them positively. Questions such as; Favour, post 2030, I mean when a review would be done about the SDG’s and it would no longer be the focus of the United Nations, what would you look at as goals for a better Earth? I have also questioned my goals, vision and mission but one question created a large apartment for itself in my head and it just didn’t want to let go.

“Will you fulfil purpose even until you are old?”

This question has been in my head for weeks and I decided to get answers, so I began reading some self help books and I took a personality test – this counts as the second in few weeks – the result came out as it was in the previous result and all. I read on about the result and realized quite a lot of things but the question bothering me remained unanswered.

I further met a couple some time ago and they were obviously in love. Smiling at each other, stealing glances, you know making melodies with the sound that naturally came as they giggled. From time to time, they made no effort to restrain themselves from whispering short sentences to each other which resulted in another round of giggling. I almost have never seen a couple married for over ten years do that to each other in public or maybe because I was getting my answer from them, I paid attention and realized how beautiful it is to love. Love is not our subject, let’s get back to it.

At that, I realized that I could never know all at this point. I might not have answers for years to come on how I want my life to play out but I must not be overwhelmed with worry and anxiety. It seemed to me like I was suppressing my quest to know but I would be loosing that moment where I should enjoy that breathe of sweet deodorant. Two adults in love with each other, here they were enjoying love and they definitely have so many questions that are left unanswered, some unsaid even. Still, they chose to remain happy, till death. Seemed as though I was folding my hands in worry and doubt when I should have dipped my hands in my pocket of happiness.

The truth is, you can almost never tell what the future holds, until the future happens then, you are certain that you foresaw it. I mean, so why fret! The point is, enjoy those small moments of happiness cause those are what make a total difference. In the end, those small pieces are what come together to form a solved jigsaw puzzle.

In all, I got my answer – even though I got it in the most unlikely manner – which is; enjoy these moment cause they are here with you now! Dip your hands in those small pockets of happiness. Plus, do well to fall in love, you might be helping one creative individual with an idea.
Cheers! Soar! Fall in love!

The man that loves walking will go further than he who loves the destination.

Dear Introvert,
Dearest Extrovert,

In the previous blog post I published on this series, I established that we are all imperfect, weak and frail and even in our flaws, God sees the goodness in our weakness. You have also come to understand that no temperament is better than the other.
In this blog post today, I have come to place a balance and round off this series. Here is why:

  1. You are human and you crave variety, if I stay too long on this series, you might loose interest in all I am saying even though you know that I am writing about something valuable.
  2. It is not an eulogy. I am not praising you and saying things that help you feel significant. There you are also likely to loose interest.
  3. I love you and the attention that you are sending to this blog. I do not want to lose your attention. So I definitely have to bring this series to an end.

Here as we go down on this series, I want you to keep in mind that you are unique, special and loved by God. You are advantaged, you are on the winning team, you have the potential to blossom into the best version of you, I mean the disciplined you, the studious you, the happy you, the fulfilled you and of course the loving you.

On this journey to become the best version of you, you have to accept your flaws, accept your weaknesses and say to yourself, dear me, you need help cause you are living under standard and I want that to change, so let’s journey together and take a stroll up until the perfect day, that each day I am conforming to the best version of me.”

The subject of temperament and character is a broad one but here I will be working with the four widely accepted temperaments which are; the melancholic, the phlegmatic, the choleric and the sanguine. At this point I suppose that you are strongly aware of your temperament and the traits that are visible in them, if not, you should get a book from any author of your choice on this subject and then be here to enjoy the simple solutions that I bring your way.

Let’s get to the good part! God’s word says to us in Galatians 5:22-23 “But the fruit of the Spirit [the result of His presence within us] is love [unselfish concern for others], joy, [inner] peace, patience [not the ability to wait, but how we act while waiting], kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Against such things there is no law.” (Galatians 5:22‭-‬23 AMP) This is known as the fruits of the Spirit and I do tell you with confidence that God’s presence within us brings these results, as His grace is sufficient and His Spirit empowers us. These fruits helps us to become refined and draws us closer to our goal – that we become as He is and He is perfect and love.‬

For the choleric, you see the following traits as weaknesses and these traits include hostility, cruelty, malice, insensitivity, lack of emotions, little or no ability to show empathy, violent anger, argumentative, controlling and being crafty. Take note that not that all these traits might not be evident in your life but definitely if you are a choleric, you are in need of love, kindness and humility or meekness. To my dearest sanguine, you might have noticed quite a few of these attributes such as being weak witted, lack of discipline, inability to make decisions on their own, pride, emotional inconsistencies, fear of disapproval or rejection and exaggeration of tales which is a sugar coated way to say “lying” – no offense but if you know you know. A quick run at what you need based on my opinion. A lot of Self control, peace and definitely love cause who doesn’t need love?

Dear Melanie Melancholic, let’s go through a bit of weaknesses, we are most likely to find negativity, critical, pessimistic, self introspection, mood swings, depression and a lot of rigidity. Here is what I think you need, Love (in bold letters), joy Acts 2:16-17, patience, long suffering and humility. The Koffi Phlegmatic might be lagging in these areas; lack of ambition, lack of drive, Low on risk taking, highly calculative and stubborn in a diplomatic manner. You are also dearly in need of love, see 2 Corinthians 5:14 as it is the love of God that compels us, peace and faith are also needed see Philippians 4:6.

This is definitely a long read but the bottom line here is that we all need the power of God to attain things on a spiritual plane because we are born with a sinful nature and this fuels these weakness. Therefore, we need a stronger help and support to grow. Thank you for staying with me. You are loved and I might keep to series and seasons in my coming posts.

You are loved.
Soar in love and grow in grace.

Perfection is the goal, we just ain’t there yet.

Dear Introvert,
Dearest Extrovert,

Perhaps you have not read my first post on this series, I think you should cause you must understand why we are here and how we got here.

Temperaments are our in-born traits, nature and the effect that it has on how we think, feel and behave. You must agree with me that we all act differently, process our experiences differently and we respond to things differently.
Extroverts respond to the things that go on around them while Introverts respond to the things that go on within them.

A choleric is the goal getter personality while it’s close buddy who are both on the extrovert side of the wheel – the sanguine is the happy personality. I do not think happy is the most appropriate word but then the sanguine is the jolly extrovert.

Now to my dear Introverts, there are two temperaments on their side which are the melancholic and the phlegmatic. The melancholic or a person with the melancholic personality is the “highly gifted Introvert” please do not take this as other traits are not “as gifted or so gifted” while the phlegmatic introvert is the calm and easy going person.

Take a mental note that all temperaments have their strengths and weaknesses and no temperament is better than the other! You should take a deep breath and digest that cause we tend to believe such. The Bible spoke to us about the path of the just as a shinning light that shines on brighter, up until the perfect day. Therefore, we have a chance to take a stroll to perfection daily. We are all made imperfect and with a whole lot of flaws and weaknesses but God still saw that it was good. Here you might want to ask, “Are my flaws good?” Oh baby! Yes, they are and you have to accept that. The most beautiful thing about our flaws is that they are our opportunities to shine! They are our gateways to become perfect!

I understand that it doesn’t seem like it cause those are the things that still prove that we are men, frail and imperfect but then God said it is good. I don’t know who else you want to believe if you do not believe God.

Dear Introvert, stop seeing yourself as the weirdly weird cause who set the standard of normal and abnormal, it’s definitely not the extroverts.

Dear extroverts, stop seeing yourself as the extremely extreme cause I’m forced to ask this question, who created the boundaries? It’s definitely not the Introvert.

With so much passion for breaking the personality bias and unnecessary self esteem issues,
Highly Favoured, till you have the opportunity to read from my mind in the next post.

All Rights Reserved, May 2022

Dear Introvert, Dearest Extrovert,

We live in times that introverted people are regarded as the most “mature and serious minded” people. You definitely have had an experience where you felt that your attitude of openness and exuberance is more likely to be a flaw than an advantage, you might have even prayed that God should take away that part of you. Sweet you! You might be an introvert and not want to agree with my pick up line, still stay with me or rather you are an extrovert conclude that this is not for you still stay with me.

Most often than not, introverts are the seemingly serious persons and it seems like they’ve got it all right. This places extroverts in a place where they feel like they need help with their personality and all of those articles you read about introverts being “goal getters” does not in any way make things better. As an introvert, you are of the opinion that “even though you do not have the character to be the most popular student in your high school, you definitely have the traits that will place you side by side with Bill Gates because you trust that most of your traits lead to a seemingly successful life.

Dear Introvert, some articles you’ve been reading have been withholding vital information from you, cause most often than not, they tend to glorify silence and solitude in a subtle way. If you at some point have had to study some courses such as Marketing, Economics and the likes you would be constantly reminded that “man cannot operate in a vacuum” and you would need to create networks with a long list of people as you journey in life – do not miss the ‘need’ in the previous sentence. I am writing to you so you keep in mind that you need to have relationship with other people asides your family friends, family members and your very tight knitted relationship of yourself and that one friend of yours that you probably don’t tell most things to.

Scroll down to check out the advantage extroverts have.

To my dearest extrovert and Introverts I am aware that by now you would be fully aware of the fact that you have an advantage – I mean extroverts. I am always fascinated by extroverts and I am also at some point envious for how much energy they bring to the table always, even on days they are tired. You are beautiful and you should enjoy the fact that you are special and you have a more interesting life than introverts – do not worry, they are fully aware of this so they can’t be jealous. Embrace yourself, love yourself not as a flaw filled person but as a special specie. I want you to enjoy being you. Live your life as though all lines are fallen into pleasant places because you are advantaged. You have no idea how much relationships help, especially when they are the right ones.

Dear Introvert and my dearest Extrovert, Soar in favour!

Your Writing Plug,
By Highly Favoured.
All rights reserved, May 2022

Dreams with Routes.

Many of us have dreams, aspirations, desires, goals, aims and what have you, but in the same vein, most of us don’t have plans, routes, process.

We are most times overwhelmed by our desire to be than our willingness to become. We speak most times on being a rich man, being in the position of Soyinka, than learning on how to be a Chimamanda or Flora Nwapa.

I have seen people, quite a few who are filled with the pictures of who they want to be, how much they want to spend, places they want to go but they do not consider that they have to plan on becoming who they want to be, how they intend to make the money, or what route to take to get to their proposed destination.
It is not enough to dream and that’s where they’ve got a veil that I am willing to tear apart.

Your desires don’t actually exist
Cause we can’t see them
I can’t feel ’em.
It ain’t enough that you have all your ingredients without a fire.
The food will never be good enough, it won’t even get cooked. I don’t think that it would be edible except it’s a salad.

So dream, dream big!
Then dare to do it!
Dare to take opportunities that actualize your dreams.
Dare to dream and then Do It!
Your friend,
Highly Favoured.

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